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The Battle Between Dr Malinga And Mr Style Has Officially Ended

Sunday, January 10,2016
Published by Marks Mthebu
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The Via Orlando Hit maker Dr Malinga and Take it back hit maker Mr Style has since ceased their Twitter War (TWAR) online. This comes after a long week battle between the stars.

Mr Style claims that Dr Malinga realized that He (Mr Style) is his direct competition and wanted to keep him grounded by signing him to his record label Lingas Entertainment. This move will enable Mr Style's talent to be dissolved into Lingas Entertainment and will get less promotion to the media.

Dr Malinga on the other hand has since denied the accusations and said in his latest Facebook post that "Some people are Jealous of his success” and are talking bad things about him behind his back. Dr Malilnga on twitter lashed on Mr Style so hard that fellow Kalawa Jazzmee Musicians like Busiswa felt pity to the person whose tweets where directed on.

It was a cold war where by fans of this superstars had to intervene and encourage them to calm down and solve their sour affairs offline. Both artists have since deleted their cold post on social media which were directed at each other.

2 Months ago 

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