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South African A List Celebrities In One BIG ROOF Called Mabala Noise!

Thursday, July 21,2016
Published by Marks Mthebu
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Since the introduction of Social Networks like (mySpace, Youtube, SoundCloud  etc) and the Internet in general, Artists felt that there was no need to be signed by a certain recording label in order for their music to be heard around the globe.

But Because music is a complex industry by itself, often there are certain hindering factors like Marketing, PR, Bookings, Production and interviews that independent artist can sometimes find it hard to handle all these by themselves. That’s when/why there are record labels existing with the sole purpose of handling all the administration and paperwork’s (including paying of taxes/salaries) for the artist.


Since the introduction of 90% local music/Content by the SABC, there has been much growth on our music industry. New artist are being introduced day by day trying to penetrate the entertainment industry.

Luckily enough record labels also want to get a stake from this artist offering huge returns.

Mabala Noise! a recording label co- owned by DJ Bongz and his business partner Reggie Nkabinde caused an uproar both on social networks and on Radio which led them to trend on Twitter with the hash tag #Mabala_Noise for the day by being a stable that signed almost half of the talented emerging artist in Southern Africa. Their A list artists Include Nasty C whom he is rumored to have rejected Jay Z's Roc Nation Recording Label.

The word on the street is that, Behind this storm taking artist to Mabala Bala Label is "The amount they Promise to pay their artist" On average  a hip hop artist like Nasty C is raking over R500 000 per month. Also Ricky Rick Makhado who also belongs to the stable, the word on the street is that he has been paid almost R15 MILLION for his contractual fee.

Other artist’s signed to Mabala Noise are-

ZAKWE,ZOLA,Major League DJ's,Metro FM's Khanyi Mbau,Zola 7,Pro,DJ Finzo, Letoya Makhene, Jay Spitter, Kay Sibiya

2 Months ago 

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