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Legalisation Of Prostitution Will Backfire

Tuesday, July 18,2017
Published by Molebogeng Lebea
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Inset : Prostitution hunt South African Road


South Africa is currently faced with an alarming number of social ills, such as, alcohol and substance abuse among the youth, teenage pregnancy, femicides, emergence of blessers, and of course prostitution, but to mention a few. Legalizing prostitution will just be adding fuel to a fire that is already raging. It will mark the dawn of more social ills.

In 2016, reports revealed that South Africa has the highest rate of alcohol and substance abuse among the youth and young adults in Africa. Furthermore, a report released by the Department of Education earlier this year revealed that over 90 primary school pupils fell pregnant between 2014 and 2015. These are shocking stats.  Moreover, now with increased social pressures and the need to keep up with the latest trends, most young people jump at any opportunity to make quick money without pondering. Most young girls have resorted to engaging in sexual relations with older men called blessers in order to make quick money. These are some of the unsolved social crises currently facing South Africa.

The legalization of prostitution will trigger more youth related social crises, amongst other things.  The prostitution industry will not only attract women who have no other means of earning a living, but also young girls with great potential who are blinded by the desire to make quick money and keep up with trends.  Young girls will venture into the prostitution industry as an alternative to the education struggle. That is, there will be more young girls in the prostitution industry more than in schools and higher institutions of learning. Young girls with great potential will be lost to the prostitution industry and it won’t be long before the country runs short of skilled and professional workers with most young men lost also to another social ill which is drug abuse.

The prostitution industry will be easily accessible to most women because not much competence or skill is required for one to enter. This might result in a high number of women lost to the prostitution industry. Moreover, the legalized prostitution industry will inevitably create room for criminal activities such as human trafficking and exploitation of women by moguls seeking to amass more money. This may result in a situation whereby a high number of women get trafficked to South Africa. Furthermore, it is without a shadow of a doubt that the prostitution industry will attract desperate women from various parts of Africa and inevitably things will get out of hand. The robust growth of this industry will eventually prove to be difficult for the government to regulate effectively and consequently problems of child and forced prostitution might occur.

 It would be reckless for the government to then legalize the prostitution industry. The legislature must comprehensively consider all the pros and cons of prostitution and future implication, failure to do so will leave the future of the country standing on shaky ground.

2 Months ago 

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