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'OneManShow' Christmas Celebration

Tuesday, December 26,2017
Published by Molebogeng Lebea
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Inset : Annual OneManShow event

Onemanshow is an event that is taking place almost every year on the 25th of December(Annually) at Mehlareng stadium. Shimza who goes by the name of Shimmy Raphala is the founder of this event, which brings together friends and families to celebrate their Christmas Day in a very joyful way. It is not only for people around tembisa, even people from outside tembisa attend this event. Christmas Day is known as the day that Jesus Christ was born at. People go to church to celebrate it, while others go to such events to celebrate the day. OneManShow is not only for adult, there is also a session for children which start at 10h00 and end at 15h00 in a way of showing how much they appreciate and love kids. They also invite children from orphanages around tembisa and outside tembisa such as soweto and other places to celebrate the day with them. food parcels are also given to the orphanages in a form of giving back to the communities and lending a helping hand. These shows that people still care and love orphan children. The event also create Christmas job opportunities for young people who are unemployed,they are given an opportunity to work and earn some money that will at least assist them in buying few things that they may need at home. The event has created young entrepreneurs with small businesses that are operating in the event and it helps them to make more money, not only do their businesses operate inside the event they also sell to other events that are happening around tembisa. Onemanshow has made a great change in many people's lives because it's not only about having fun, it also create opportunities which brings change and difference in people's lives.

2 Months ago 

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