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SABC Pull Generation For Explicit Content

Friday, July 28,2017
Published by Molebogeng Lebea
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Inset : Fifty Shads Of Smanga

The past two weeks generation the legacy scenes were too explicit to the viewers, they complained about how the scenes  have turned to fifty shade of grey. Generation the legacy raunchy episodes have been removed from air following complaints of the soapie viewers.

The character played by smanga, tshidi and thabi left viewers calling generation in all sort of names. One of the viewer’s wrote that, "the episodes left them uncomfortable in front of their elders at home."

"The SABC announced that it would pull the soapie’s omnibus episodes that contains explicit content shown during the week’s episodes. The channel will replace the episodes by airing the first 5 episodes of the legacy. The episodes that firstly went on air on December 1-5 2014."

"We would like to assure ours viewers that we take their feedback seriously and we would like to apologies for any inconvenience or discomfort from the past week episodes may have caused. ’The statement was issued after viewers gave feedback on social media. The episodes has featured a number of explicit for the past two weeks, which left the viewer’s complaining about it on social media."





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