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Library Delays Students From Studying

Friday, September 01,2017
Published by Molebogeng Lebea
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Rabasotho library in tembisa, has been on renovations since last year September 2016. The librarians told student who used to study there, that the library will start operating in March 2017, but still nothing happening. The construction workers has completed their work in March and promised that the library will start operating in April. All those promised months has passed and nothing  has happened yet. The library is not yet working, and students are struggling to do their school work.

Ever since the library has been finished being renovated, no one has said anything about it. When they call community meetings no one talks about the opening of library.

Tembisa residents more especially students says “they are not happy with the way the municipality is doing things. Pupils all around Rabasotho have to go to other libraries surrounding Tembisa to do research while their library is there complete with renovations.”

“Primary learners used to go to library every after school to do their homeworks  because they want to get home and play like every kid, library is a very quiet and peaceful place and no one disturbs anyone” said a student.

“Library is very helpful to our children, there are many books that they use to read and also to do their assignments and home works. If they are not going to open the library they will be delaying our children from studying and doing school work” said parents.

2 Months ago 

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