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Grace Mugabe Accused Of Assult In South Africa

Thursday, August 17,2017
Published by Molebogeng Lebea
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Inset : Grace Mugabe

The wife of Zimbabwe president, Grace Mugabe, has been reportedly accused of assaulting a young woman at an upscale hotel in South Africa.

The 20years old model was visiting a mutual friend at the hotel who happens to be one of Mugabe sons.

 “When grace entered, I had no idea who she was. She walked into the room and started beating me an electrical cord. She flipped and just kept on beating me with the plug. Over and over, “said Engels.

Engels posted several photos on social media showing the injuries the first lady has caused on her forehead on twitter, later adding that it could impair her modelling career.

Police confirmed that the 20 years old women has opened a case of assault on Monday.

Sizakele Nkosi Malobane the Provincial Minister said “she is deeply disappointed by the allegations of assault on a young woman by grace especially since the assault happened during the month when we commemorate women for their role in liberation struggle.”

Nkosi Malobane has since instructed the law enforcement to “investigate this case accordingly and ensure that justice is served.”

2 Months ago 

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