Meet Patrick Drahi -Founderof Netherlands-based Telecom Group Altice

Sunday, August 27,2017
Published by Jackson Mathebula
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Patrick Drahi was born in Casablanca, Morocco to a Jewish family. When he was 15 years old, the family moved to Montpellier, France. His parents are both math teachers. Drahi has an engineering degree from the École Polytechnique university in Paris (a post-graduate degree in optics and electronics). He is married and lives in Geneva, Switzerland, with his Syrian Greek Orthodox wife they have four children.
Business career

In 2013, Drahi founded the international news channel i24news. This channel is based in Israel, and broadcasts in French, Arabic, and English.

Drahi later became the owner of French cable operator Numericable. Drahi bought SFR, France seconde mobile phone and internet provider in France in 2013 from media conglomerate Vivendi.

Drahi and his group Altice entered the American telecommunications market in 2015 by purchasing a 70 per cent stake in Suddenlink Communications, the seventh largest cable company in the US. Suddenlink is valued at $9.1 billion. In 2015, Drahi bought Cablevision from the Dolan family, renaming it Altice USA with its flagship brand Optimum being the fifth largest cable operator in the USA. Drahi owns the Israeli cable television company HOT.

As of November 2015 Forbes estimated Drahi's net worth at $10.3 billion. Forbes ranks him as the 60th richest person in the world, the third richest person in France. He was ranked as the richest person in Israel until 2016, when he came in 2nd.

The leaking of the Panama Papers in April 2016 confirmed publicly his identity as the shareholder of an offshore company

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