How Kenny Kunene Got Rich From Being A Convict

Tuesday, June 23,2015
Published by Jackson Mathebula
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He is a controversial self made millionaire who spends money publicly unlike other wealthy people and he enjoys nothing but to party and eat sushi sometimes on semi-naked girls.

Originaly he is from Odendaalsrus and during his teenage years he dreamt of being rich. And later the mindset of being rich contributed on how he percieved and responded to the world.He attended Vista University and later became an English teacher.But because teaching is considered to be a lowest paying Job comparing to other proffesions like Crime in South Africa,Mr Kunene was convinced that the easy path towards success can breed money to his life.He then turned to crime and was imprisoned from 1997 to 2003 after being convicted of running a ponzi scheme.

While in prison he organised a video camera with his fellow inmates to record the corruption within Grootvlei prison in the north west.And during that year he was released under parole and investigations began to mount that prison which resulted in some other official being suspended from work.Gayton McKenzie wrote a book to tell how life was inside a prison and how people especially youth need not to participate in crime as it does not pay but delay someone's life.So Kenny Helped Gayton to market his new Book at high schools around SA and the book was a success and some schools bought it for their students to get  proper crime lessons from the King Pins.The money they got from sales of their book was invested in a seafood distribution business. Kunene has also worked as a public relations consultant and lobbyist for mining companies. He has a net worth of $20million

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