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How Jabu Stone Founded The Hair Business Empire

Tuesday, June 23,2015
Published by Jackson Mathebula
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Jabu Stone is the man behind the Jabu Stone hair products brand.The brand was founded in the early 1990's when Jabu was interested in the dreadlocks hairstyle of which by then there were not hair products to cater for the south African market.He took a decision to go to the nearby pharmacist to share his dream of having an African hair product to help other fellow Africans to take care of their dreadlocks.

The idea became a reality as the pharmacist was able to combine chemicals and bring live the first Jabu stone hair product into the market.The first product was well received by the consumers as it was a need.but for Jabu it was all a challenge because he was selling the product from the back boot of his car, whereas the product should be at the shelve's inside the big retails-but to take it to the shelves it was another story than realising a dream .

He was looking for a stable business just like other budding entreprenuer. Stone recalled how he could not convince any bank manager to finance his idea – especially when he was only shifting six bottles of product a month at R18.99 a pop. "Nobody wanted it," the 50- year-old told a group of township teenagers at Scifest Africa. He said he created a demand in shops by asking his friends to go in and ask for his product by name. Soon afterwards, a small order would be placed – and the friend would return and buy all the stock in one shot.

The small order then became a branded shelf. Displaying the same marketing savvy, Stone started his salon empire by hiring one chair in a salon as a way to get them to use his product. "When I first started, woman hairdressers would take one look at the product and walk out." But, when things started taking off, the same hairdressers were paying Stone to teach them how to do the dreadlock hairstyles – using his products. Another stroke of marketing genius was convincing Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon to dreadlock her hair. "When I first met Gerry, she did not want them," he recalled. After she accepted, "everybody wanted them ... and it created a demand on the street".

The biggest barrier Stone had to overcome was convincing the public that not only dope-smoking Rastas wore their hair in dreadlocks. "Dreadlocks originated in Africa and go back to the beginning of time," he passionately explains. "It is a God-given hairstyle." Jabu stone is now a recogniseable international hairbrands and he has setup hair salons in the UK and at America. Jabu Stone he is the Living proof that

Dreams do Come true...

2 Months ago 

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