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Who Won On Metro FM Awards

Friday, February 22,2013
Published by Samantha
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This is just a highlight of the Metro FM Awards 

Best Top 5 Hip Hop Album:

Zakwe: Zakwe

Best Top 5 Kwaito Album:

Professor: Orientation

Best Top 5 Dance Album:

Dj Pepsi: Royal House

Best Top 6 for the Song of the Year:

Oskido: Tsa Mandebele

Best Top 5 Newcomer:

The Muffinz: Have your heard

Best Top 5 R&B Album:

Bryce Anderson: Ready for the world

Most  Digital downloaded song

Hlokoloza by Arthur

YOHHHHH Dr Malinga Rocked the event with his Flying kicks

2 Months ago 

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