The Big Dragon Has Landed In Gauteng

Wednesday, February 27,2013
Published by Samantha
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Inset : A guy drinking a Dragon
Picture by : KasiLink

Long time ago Gauteng was recognised by lights all over its CBD and  surrounding townships.People often say "Ke Jozi Maboneng" meaning "Gauteng the city of lights".But times has changed now as brands try to dominate and often they even rename structures/buildings using their names eg-The Coca Cola Dome and First National Bank Stadium.

Now another brand by the name : Dragon has landed in Gauteng.Dragon is an energy drink company originated from China.Today if someone can abduct you from Durban/Cape Town and desert you in Gauteng i guess you can spot where you are by what people are drinking which will probably be a Dragon.Companies like Red Bull and other beverages i think they are terrified by the Big Dragon from china because it comes cheap as compared to their prices.

KasiLink spoke to a hawker who sells cold drinks around Gauteng and he said "We only sell Dracular baba, its cheap and everyone can afford it" he said he get alot of profit from the product as compared to other brands.  We anticipate that Dragon may be a recognised product to define Gauteng sooner or later.

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