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Skeem Saam Is Back On Our T.V Screens

Friday, February 08,2013
Published by Samantha
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Skeem Saam has been signed for a 2nd season. No premiere date has been confirmed yet.The drama was considered the most viewed on SABC network.Even thou it was ranking high,it was cut off due to the network broadcasting policies.

But viewers were upset even (myself included)when it was announced that the drama will air its last episode during its season.Last year december when it was announced that the show will be back on T.V,Mr Lucas Shibambu the father of three who resides around Loding area was very excited about the news he even bought fireworks to celebrate.

Most viewers are willing to buy the series if it is sold in a DVD pack.

The premiere of the show will be announced during the course of this year.I cant wait to see how Leeto will do by all means to save his brother.

2 Months ago 

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