Pakistan Coldrink Tortured My 4 - 5

Sunday, March 10,2013
Published by Samantha
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People sometimes dont have choices but to buy what they can afford during this tough inflation times.A guy from Moloto in Gauteng by the name of bosehla has found himself in trouble when He switched from Coca cola to Twizzer.

Twizzer is a brand of cheap cold drinks manufactured in South Africa targeted at the non working class.But bosehla said his 4 - 5 cannot last for 5minutes during intercourse.He said to people as a warning "Hy Madoda qaphelani lama Coldrink wama Sq'zza a bulala ipipi" meaning watchout for this Cheap cold drinks they kill manhood.

If you have encountered the same problem please leave a comment as KasiLink is not sure whether this guy is really being tortured by Twizzer or he is suffering from a chronic disease.

2 Months ago 

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