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Mphakathi Is Gatvol With Nyaope Guys

Tuesday, March 05,2013
Published by Samantha
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Allemansdrift C lost patience when it marched to Allemansdrift A near dark city area to fight nyaope guys from stealing their assets.

Community members say they are now GATVOL with nyaope guys. They say they steal their assets including appliances and sell them at Vaalbank so they can buy nyaope.In february Mphakathi marched and caught 2 nyaope boys one from Dark city area and the other from mapeding area,their names are withheld by kasilink because they are minors. They received medicine(beating)before one was handed to the police holding cells.So tomorrow its his bail appearance and Mphakathi is appealing to the community for support.

Today Ring leaders went to Hlalakahle high school to speak to  learners to participate in the bail opposing tomrw for nyaope guy.If you are also gatvol abt nyaope then mphakathi will be pleased by your support tomorrow at court.


2 Months ago 

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