Marabastad Last Droplet Of Water

Wednesday, February 27,2013
Published by Samantha
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Inset : City dwellers waiting to fill their empty water bottles
Picture by : KasiLink

Marabastad is a business area near the city centre of Pretoria, it is prominent because it is located near the Tshwane fresh produce Market and it houses a PUTCO bus depot.

The area is over crowded to such an extend that it fails to cater basic services such as water and sanitation.People who live there are gatvol about the shortage of water in the area,but some people who are living in the outskirts of Pretoria like Mabopane and Soshanguve have found a solution to this problem by selling water to the commuters.

There is a water tap near a bus rank but people cannot with-stand to drink from the tap.It pours out droplets as compared to normal flow of water in a tap.You may wait for 3minutes in order to fill a 340 ml empty can.

We just hope the municipal can make life better by installing more than 5 taps to cater for people who work and travel to the city on a daily basis.

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