Its Vava Vuum Dis February At Vaalbank

Friday, February 08,2013
Published by Samantha
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Inset : People were excited at the mkhombo dam fest when oskido was perfoming
Picture by : Party Animals

In 2008 vaalbank had a dam near by Allemansdrift B,C which was only used to catch fish by the local communities.People were afraid to even use it as a swimming pool because it was rumoured that a mermaidĀ  was living there and it doesnt want interruption.

But a well known Disc Jockey by the stage name DJ Storm has turned the place into a jubilee park/resort/pub what ever name you think can best suit it.local and national celebrities are laughing all the way to the banks when festives season approches because they get hired to entertain their fans.Mkhombo dam has enjoyed unrivaled success since its inception and has hosted celebrities like Oskido,Bojo Mujo,Eddy Zondi,DJ Carvela,Gabbana Da dee jay amongst others.

This February on the 16th of February the organisers have took it to another level as they have enlisted DJ's like Black Motion on their Pamphlets.

Kasi Link has heard rumours on FaceBook that one of the local Djs by the name of Gabbanna Da Dee Jay has denied rumours that he will be on the desk and was qouted sayin"today i make it official , i won't be performing at mkhombo dam on the 16th my name was put on the flyer illegally , and im guessing even other names where put there illegaly just to promote the event . fucked up events . please share this is if you have seen my name on the event poster/flyer just to let people know whatsup . regards"

But we as Kasi Link we hope everything will go well according to the organisers as they did before.We shall meet there at MKHOMBO,dont forget to bring Camping Chairs and Cooler bags/Box.And for the people who have cars,give those who dont have means of transport a lift because that place is kind of far for some of US.

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