Hlalampsa Is Now Craving Blood

Friday, March 15,2013
Published by Samantha
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Libangeni New stands aka hlalampsa is now craving blood and its negotiating with its dwellers on how dey can catch something for dinner. Since the beginning of this week, top brass(parents) are meeting at emfundweni primary school,but this time they are not there for educational purposes but to talk man to men with the police about the sacred powder(nyaupe).parents say they believe there might be a nyaupe plant at hlalampya which supplies local dealers(snyman) with de sacred powder. KasiLink spoke to one of the top brass who was preparing to go to the 3rd stage of the meeting and she said\"this time the only thing that we might take into our own hands will be the law.we want to close the plant before May and that point its a priority on our agenda.re lapile ka phuwere(powder) e re senyetxa bana\".We can read an angry face bt that one of a top brass,mmh we smell kotsi.but who ever is involved into this business,we advice you to stop NOW.
2 Months ago 

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