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Hammer Man Hits Julius Malema So Bad

Friday, February 22,2013
Published by Samantha
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This friday 22 February Mr Hammer man confirmed to the nation that He will HIT Julius Malema so bad after he failed to pay SARS R16.1 Million.

When he was asked(Hammer Man) how is he planning to beat him he laughed and said  that "the best way to beat a Big Boy is to take his property and sell it to someone with the intentions of not gaining a profit from the proceedings ".So its rumoured that hammer man will make his debut by selling a Farm .

When KasiLink spoke to people around  where the auction is expected to happen, They  were very enthusiastic and some one even said "I want to buy only calfs from the Big Boy" . Readers may wonder why they call him "Big Boy" - -its because he likes to  call people Small Boys (meaning he is a Big Boy himself).

We just Hope the Hammer man could seize to punch the Big boy after today's auction.

2 Months ago 

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