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Dj Who Climbs The Ladder To Stardom

Friday, February 15,2013
Published by Samantha
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Inset : Dj Who in studio
Picture by : KasiLink

Some call him the Producer,others call him the Composer and his peers just call him the Dj.but he is Dj Who da Warrior  - the multi talented producer who self taught himself the Art and Science of music.

KasiLink was very happy when this upcoming Dj gave us the time to speak to him in his busy schedule.The album will drop in May Titled Deep House Secrets vol 1 which is a compilation by Disco Tek.The album features hit songs  like Journey To the Venda Roots by Dj Who.

He said if people cannot wait until may then they can get his tracks on  

In march he is dropping a 4 Track EP which will be released under  Foliege which is an international Recording studio.

On the desks he claims to be a burning coal and if  you would like   to hire him for a Party,Weddings etc you can contact him on 076 395 0360

2 Months ago 

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