2013 The Year For Kalawa Jazzmee

Sunday, March 10,2013
Published by Samantha
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Kalawa Jazzmee its a recording studio founded by Oskido,Bruce,Spikiri,Don Laka and others . It is known for inventing Kwaito music and revolutionizing the music industry. since its inception it has made ordinary South African citizens to realise their dreams in the music industry.

It had artists like Mafikizolo,Bongo Mafin,Trompies and Boom shaka among others who rocked the dance floors in the mid 90s.Today the stable has signed BOOMING artist that are most sought after in any event. It has the likes of Dr Malinga,Busisiwe, Proffesor,Oskido and Speedy among others who are relevant to the market right now and their music is on every music chart on most SABC Radio and independent stations.

Last year their hard work started to pay off as Oskido, one of the company founders was honored with a lifetime award for the contribution he has made to the South African Music industry. Their artists started to be recognised when proffesor won big awards like Song of the year and DJ Zinhle one of their female Djs got recognised internationally with her banging song "my name is". This year Dr Malinga is flying high with his balerina dances and High kicks. Now kalawa jazzmee has 2013 at their palm,every song  that they produce is welcomed with positive remarks from other music critics and they are set to be nominated this year at the south african music awards ceremony.

KasiLink says to every music producer,Dj or artist that want to venture into the music industry that -dreams are never achieved by overnight..There is hardwork and patience involved.so push your thing one day you will be on the lime light.


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