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13x Cleaners Needed (Government Job) Pretoria

Tuesday, June 02,2015
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12 June 2015 (Applications received after the closing date andfaxed copies will not be considered).

1 Military Hospital


Grade 8. ABET (LEVEL 1–4), Special requirements (skills needed):

Communicate effectively. Must be physically healthy. Must be an RSA citizen

with cleaning experience in a hospital or hospitality environment.


To ensure a high standard of cleaning and hygiene service in and around the

hospital including outside areas. Duties include cleaning of dining room(s) and

serving areas. Cleaning of bain-marie and fridges on a daily basis. Washing of

tables and cutlery/crockery after each meal. Cleaning of fridges and stores.

Cleaning of stoves, gritters and steam pots. Clean and store all pots and

pans. Cleaning the mess surroundings. Cleaning of warmers and tilting pans.

Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets. Taking care of cutlery and

crockery/counting of crockery and cutlery on a daily basis. Cleaning of juice



Capt M.O.W. Sebolaang, (012) 314 0853/0005


Department of Defence, SAMHS, 1 Military Hospital, Private Bag X1026,

Thaba Tshwane, 0140, or may be hand delivered to 1 Military Hospital.



People close to Pretoria will receive preference.

The certification date of your barcoded ID must not be older than 6 months and the copy must be of very good


 The Job advertisement can also be found HERE

2 Months ago 

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