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How to unlock Blackberry Smartpho

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How To Unlock Blackberry Smartphones

Friday, May 29,2015
Published by Rudi Jacobs
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This trick applies to blackberry smart phones and has been tested on this blackberry cellphones

Ever wondered what to do if you have set an unlock code for your phone,then the next thing you forgot how the actual code you have set

follow this proven easy steps to unlock only your phone,not you Momma or Grandpa nor the Gal Friend

Normall the phone will ask you to enter the code you have set the previous time

If you enter the code incorrectly then it will show you how many tries are left for you to enter the pin again.

Keep on entering the incorrect code until the phone will prompt you to TYPE the  word Blackberry if you want to continue.

Type Blackberry and continue,Do so -Type the WRONG Pin until you reach 10 tries

After the 10nth try the phone will automatically Format(Delete) it self and will require no Pin upon reboot.


2 Months ago 

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