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Robert Marawa’s Baby Mama,

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Robert Marawa’s Baby Mama, Zoe Mthiyane, Says

Friday, May 29,2015
Published by Samantha
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Robert Marawa’s baby mama, Zoe Mthiyane, says she was left with no choice but to approach the courts to force the award-winning radio and television presenter to pay a R29,900 monthly child maintenance fee for his son.

“Among her demands, Mthiyane wants Marawa to pay R2,500 for a driver,” according to the Sowetan newspaper.

“She wants R2,450 for groceries and R500 for garden services. For the child’s wardrobe she is demanding R1,625, and just R100 for his toiletries.

“Mthiyane has put school fees and after-care at R4,970 and R1,427 for holidays.”

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